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Lost! …but not with all the attractive Hollywood folks September 29, 2011

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I do not like losing things. Who actually likes loss, really? I cannot imagine there are many people out there who relish the idea of not winning a game or of misplacing something valuable.

I possess a horrible sense of direction and have a tendency to get lost at an embarrassing frequency. I do not particularly like this, although I have learned to live with it and to not let it bother me as much.

I hate losing my focus and trying to remember just what that important thought was, the one that was burning a mark in my brain just seconds ago.

It is awful to lose money or time. Both are not things that I want to waste in frivolous manners.

I can think of one glaring exception to my distaste for loss – I am usually quite appreciative of losing weight. Even that can be a bad thing sometimes, although I would currently welcome a bit of this type of loss. (That will have to be a topic of its own at another time!)

There is one loss that keeps me up at night sometimes. The potential for this type of loss makes me very anxious; it might even be appropriate to say that it is the root of well over half of my anxiety.

I am so fearful of losing people in my life forever. It is hard enough to think of people moving away to another town or country, becoming frustrated with me, or otherwise ceasing to be my friend. It is horrifying to ponder losing people to death. I might even admit that I fear this to an irrational extent. If I started tracking my worries and anxieties in a completely honest manner, I think I would realize that this fear creeps into my mind nearly daily.

That can’t be healthy.

And yet… It is what it is.

I live my life, but I worry about the safety of my husband. What if he gets hit by a car while biking to work today? What if a gunman walks into his office, and he gets caught in the middle? What if that headache he mentioned yesterday is actually an untreatable brain tumor?

I live my life, but I worry about the health of my mother. What if she ignores the signs of an (another) important health issue? What if she is not careful enough while driving and causes an accident that injures herself or others? What if she does not mind her safety and gets injured when walking her dog in the city late at night?

I live my life, but I worry about all the things that could happen and the people I could lose as a result.

One of the crappy things about life is that everyone dies. That means I am going to lose people. Hopefully most of them will have had long, happy lives and will leave our world in a peaceful, painless manner. Not that losing loved ones to old age is easy… that is a sadness of its own. (I am contemplating this particular loss these days. Grandparents are special people.) I have lost people through other horrible, unexpected circumstances. I think that knowing that loss can be surprising like that and can catch you off guard has left me even more apprehensive about the possibilities of losing the people around me. I resent this.

I want to take this knowledge – that life is short and those I love could be gone at any moment – and twist it around to motivate myself to value those around me and my time with them.

I want to live my life and enjoy my loved ones.

I want to live my life and stop worrying.


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