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Sorting out the details of my life

It’s a popular question… December 31, 2011

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My husband and I are visiting out of town family and friends for the holidays. We spent Christmas with his family, and we will celebrate the new year with old friends. I am enjoying spending time with everyone, but, like most people, I only have so much emotional tolerance and energy for the long days of socializing and snacking.

By the way, …
…the food and treats of Christmas may have been exactly what I needed to start springing me out of this funk. Who knew?!

However, I was just not prepared for the many inquiries about our reproductive status.

From an aunt, after being told that it was time for us to go home: “Why? Is she pregnant?”

From a family friend: “So good to see you! Do you have news to share? … No? Not yet, then? Oh well.”

From another relative: “Adding to the family soon?”

Really, people?!


The reality is that I would love to be able to say yes to all of them.

Hopefully soon…


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