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Late January 5, 2012

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I have my first appointment with a psychologist today.

Well, I am *supposed* to have my first appointment today. I am sitting in the waiting room as I write this.
I am waiting.
…and waiting.
…and waiting, 20 minutes past the scheduled appointment time.

I arrived early (as requested by the therapist when I scheduled the appointment) to complete paperwork. I was given the option of downloading the forms and completing them in advance, which I did, but the therapist said she would also have a copy waiting out for me when I arrived. I arrived about 20 minutes before my appointment time.
There were no papers awaiting me.
Here I sit waiting, 40+ minutes later.

I am an anxious person. Scheduling this appointment was a big step for me; it was not easy. I was a nervous mess this morning as I got ready for the day and left the house; I could physically feel my tension as I was sitting on the bus en route to my appointment.

This does not feel very nice.
This does not help.
This is not a good first step.


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